Good Reasons to Sell

Buying or repairing a home
Starting or investing in a business
Funding a college education
Paying off debt (credit card, student loans, medical, etc.)
Investing (property, stocks, retirement fund)

What are your Selling Options?

Sell partial payments
If you sell a portion of your annuity or structured settlement, you'll continue receiving some periodic income from the remainder of your investment without losing the tax benefits. The structured settlement will continue to carry those tax benefits, and extend them to your heirs in case you die before collecting all your payments.

Sell Your Annuity EntirelyChoosing to sell the entirety of your structured settlement for the full term of the contract means you'll empty out your investment at once, ending any chance of periodic income payments in the future, but you'll have a lump-sum payment in your hands to invest.

Keep monthlies and sell only Lump Sums
Selling lump sums over time also gives you money now in large increments, but it still guarantees you'll have a steady flow of income from your structured settlement for the term of the contract, while carrying the same tax benefits as before.